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Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

Q: I have just placed an order, How do I recveive it? 
A: Upon any purchase, you must contact us through Facebook Messenger so you can chat with us in real-time. Keep in mind that if you do not contact us, we will assume you are not yet ready to receive your order.

Q: Are The Pokémon I am getting here legal ? 
A: All Pokémon generated by TSPM are carefully checked to avoid any issue with your game. So yes, Pokémon from TSPM are legal.
When a Pokémon is illegal, they can't go through Link Trade and cannot be received by any Trainer. A good way to known if a Pokémon is illegal is when your screen says "There is a problem with your trading partner's Pokémon." while trading online.

Q: Will I get Banned for using TSPM services ? 
A: There are only 2 ways to getting banned yourself from online services. First, if you own illegal Pokémon and play them online. By illegal Pokémon means having a shiny variant that is locked (shiny-locked), a Pokémon with impossible moves, etc. TSPM does not offer nor promote those services. In case that a trainer accidentally requested an illegal Pokémon, using our custom Pokémon option, our genners will remind them for the risk and suggest changing some info to allow them to get a legal Pokémon. Second, if the Original Trainer Name (OT) is named with an URL.

Q: How many genners are working in this shop? 
 A: All orders are handled mostly by one person working to generate an extra to help his little brother to continue studying. In essence, the payment is for the time and effort put into getting this Pokémon for you, not for the Pokémon itself.  

Q: What are your business hours? 

 A: TSPM is generally available from 12PM - 9PM EST. if you contact us and we are unavailable, we will fulfill your order the next day.

The Shiny PokéMart aims to deliver the order within 24 hours.