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⚡ The Ultimate Galar Dex ⚡
⚡ The Ultimate Galar Dex ⚡

⚡ The Ultimate Galar Dex ⚡



Haven’t complete your Galar Dex yet? Get now All the Pokémon available in Sword and Shield, including the mons released in both DLCs The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. You will get a total of 690 Mons from Bulbasaur to Calyrex. That’s about 23 boxes of perfectly trained, battle ready and competitive Pokémon. This is not just a good collection every trainer should get but also a perfect bundle for your online battles. 

Important notes: 

-This Bundle doesn’t include all the Alcremie forms. We have a special bundle for that.

- Choosing the ultra-shiny dex. There is a few mons like Zacian, Zamazenta, Eternatus, Kubfu, Urshifu, Zarude, Galar Legendary Birds, and Calyrex that are shiny-locked, so we will give you their non-shiny version instead, as we want to keep all the Pokémon legal and online playable.

- Some Mons may only have 5IVs, that’s for the special battle-ready sets.

- If the mon in the bundle happens to be event Pokémon, their OT cannot be altered or it will be illegal and online unplayable.  


As this bundle includes about 24 boxes of Pokémon, we can only deliver all the mons via Pokémon HOME app. As it is the only method safely known, we need that you trust us with the process of transferring the mons to your HOME account.


1.- Send us your Nintendo Online Account (The credentials needed to access your account)

2.- A new user account will be created in our switch, then we are going to link your account to it.

3.- We will transfer all the Pokémon straight to your Pokémon HOME Account.

4.- Change your Nintendo Online Account password for your security after you have checked that all Pokémon are in your Pokémon HOME app. 

✅ Pokémon legality checked. 
All The Pokemon are EV trained, Battle-Ready and Competitive.

The Shiny PokéMart aims to deliver order/s ASAP (also depends on the buyer's availability). 

Important Information: 


- Trainers MUST HAVE a  Pokemon Home Premium Plan Subscription.

- No manual trading of individual Pokemon. It's all in one go.

- Upon purchase, message us in Facebook Messenger your order number



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You are paying for a service that will allow me to help my little brother to continue studying. The payment is for my time and effort put into getting this Pokémon for you, not for the Pokémon itself. The Pokémon is free of charge as we are not licensed to sell it. By submitting an order, you agree to these terms.
Must have an strong internet connection and NINTENDO SWITCH ONLINE SUBSCRIPTION

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