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⚡Pokédex Pokémon HOME⚡
⚡Pokédex Pokémon HOME⚡

⚡Pokédex Pokémon HOME⚡



Trainers, because we want you to get them all, we bring to you this big opportunity.

We will transfer all Pokémon from Generation I (Kanto) to Generation VII (Alola) straight to your Pokémon HOME in a matter of minutes. The choice is yours, Regular or Shiny Dex. 

It's time to make them yours!

PLUS VERSION  The pokemon are basically not yet touched and might have some incomplete information such as broken EVs and IVs and some discrepancies,  but they are legal and playabel. It's a really good collection.

✅ Meant for just Pokemon Home Dex Completion ( Regular or Shiny)
✅ Pokémon legality checked. 
✅ Base Pokémon are set to Level 1 (Not EV Trained or  0EVs)
✅ Middle evolutions are set to Level 70 ( not EV trained or 0EVs) 
✅ Final Evolutions are set to Level 100. EV trained, Battle-Ready and Competitive Moveset.

PREMIUM VERSION  The pokemon are carefully crafted  to make them PERFECT ( 6IVs)

✅ Pokémon legality checked. 
✅ Base Pokémon are set to Level 5.
✅ Middle evolutions are set to Level 85.
✅ Final Evolutions are set to Level 100.
All Final Evolution are EV trained, Battle-Ready and Competitive.

The Shiny PokéMart aims to deliver order/s ASAP (also depends on the buyer's availability). 

Important Information: 


- Trainers MUST HAVE a  Pokemon Home Premium Plan Subscription.

- Some Pokemon come from Special Events, their OT cannot be changed. This is to remain them Legal.

- No manual trading of individual Pokemon. It's all in one go.

- Upon purchase, message us in Facebook Messenger your trainer name and your order number. 

How to trade 
[ Video Explanation ]


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⚡Pokédex Pokémon HOME⚡

⚡Pokédex Pokémon HOME⚡

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You are paying for a service that will allow me to help my little brother to continue studying. The payment is for my time and effort put into getting this Pokémon for you, not for the Pokémon itself. The Pokémon is free of charge as we are not licensed to sell it. By submitting an order, you agree to these terms.
Must have an strong internet connection and NINTENDO SWITCH ONLINE SUBSCRIPTION

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